Town hall teachers return classroom keys


TEACHERS of after-school activities at a Garrucha town hall building were asked to hand back their classroom keys, days after 18 municipal cleaners were made redundant.  The Casa de la Juventud is one of the municipal buildings where the cleaners worked.  One teacher said she suspected that the locks would be changed as a result of the redundancies.         

More than 10 self-employed teachers run activities such as karate, aerobics, ballet and English classes at the town hall building during term time.  Although there are no classes during summer, teachers usually keep their keys over the holidays.  The PP sports councillor, Lita Paredes said that the keys were needed in order to clean the building thoroughly.  Some teachers said they were surprised at being asked for the keys back for the first time, especially as the town hall should have the original copies.  A town hall employee said that teachers would get their keys back ready for classes in September.  



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