Case against officers dismissed


THE case against two Almeria Local Police officers for the alleged attempt to sexually abuse a woman has been dismissed. 

According to the supposed victim, aged 21, she was forced to undress completely in the back seat of a police vehicle after she was arrested in a local commercial area. The court considered the case against two Local Police officers “implausible” given that the events described by the woman allegedly occurred in a very busy area, right outside the back door of the police station. The area was well lit, and vehicles and pedestrians were constantly passing by. 

The woman also contradicted herself when she testified, first saying that she was forced to take her jeans off, and later invalidated her own testimony by saying that she even had to take off a pair of tights she was wearing beneath her clothing. Her testimony about the officers’ behaviour was also proven false by a security video which had been filming at the time. On the other hand, the police officers’ testimonies provided a more accurate description of what had happened when compared to the security video, leading the court to provisionally dismiss the case. 




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