New copayment confuses patients


By Amanda Surber


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CHEMISTS and patients in Alicante are struggling to adjust to the new copayment regulations that are now in effect. 

Throughout the province pensioners and the chronically ill neared their local chemist’s shops to clear up any uncertainties regarding their payment for their medication. 

Many patients are frustrated and confused as to how much they have to pay since the new copayment system began on Sunday July 1.

Men and women whose prescriptions were issued on or after July 1 were fortunate since the amount to be paid was clearly printed on the documents. However, the many that had prescriptions predating the systematic change now have two options: pay 10 per cent of the medication cost or request that their medical centre update their prescriptions. According chemists, “Medical centres will only update prescriptions for individuals who are exempt from paying for medication; for example, handicapped people.”

For pensioners, this is the first time in history that they will be required to pay for medication based upon their income. The introduction of the copayment means patients will spend10 per cent to 20 per cent more on their medication (unemployed patients excluded). 


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