Defendants deny involvement in the suitcase murder


THREE individuals accused of killing a young man deny any involvement despite one of them witnessing another next to the dead victim with a firearm in his hand.

The Alicante Provincial Court began its hearing of the crimes committed in the capital city in August 2008. Allegedly, one of the three young men invited the victim to his home then ‘suddenly’ shot him. The other two men helped to dispose of the body by placing it a in a suitcase which was found a month later in Fuente La Higuera (Valencia).

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Considering the projectile that killed the victim came from a firearm for which none of the accused “had a permit to possess or bear,” the prosecutor requested 17 years in prison for murder and another two years for illegal possession of a weapon as well as €100,000 and €25,000 for the victim’s mother and brother, respectively.

One of the defendants claimed that he saw another with a firearm in his hand next to the victim’s body. He allegedly coerced the man into helping by using threats. 



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