Rosa Mazon Valero, Torrevieja’s first mayor


TORREVIEJA’S first democratically elected mayor passed away on Saturday, June 30, 2012.

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Rosa Mazon Valero lived a full life for all of her 86 years. A nurse by trade, in the days when Torrevieja’s population barely made it into five figures, she was known to everyone in the city, for she was Torrevieja’s midwife, helping with the birth of almost 4,000 ‘torrevejenses’ before she entered politics. ‘Rosa Mazon Valero was the first elected mayor from the Democratic Elections of 1979 following the death of the Dictator Franco. She was Torrevieja’s mayor from 1979 through 1983 and shared the post, as an independent candidate and by choice, with Joaquin Garcia from 1983 to 1987 who in turn, handed the position of Mayor over to former Mayor Pedro Hernandez. 

In 1981, Torrevieja’s population was only 12,314. As a midwife in the years before Torrevieja had Hospitals and Health Centres, almost all of the four thousand births she performed were as home births. A life full of work and dedication to others made her deserving of many awards, including ‘Hija predilecta de Torrevieja’ (Favourite Daughter of Torrevieja) the prestigious “Diego Ramirez Pastor” award, the title of Nurse of Honour’ of the Alicante Midwifery and nursing School and member of Merit of the Torrevieja Casino, as well as one of her own personal favourites “President of Honour of the ALPE College of Special Education. 

In 2011, Rosa was honoured with her name being given to one of Torrevieja’s most important link roads. At the time, former Councillor for Foreigners and New Technology, Pedro Valero said “I’m very proud of what my mother achieved and today’s honour will forever mean that citizens and visitors to Torrevieja will keep her name alive.” Pedro Valero stepped aside from active local politics last election to return to his ‘real’ job and also to continue his studies towards his Doctorate in Politics. 



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