Junta steps in on evictions


EVICTIONS from social housing in Andalucia will be halted if occupants include the elderly, the disabled or minors.

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The measure is aimed at families in a ‘desperate’ financial situation who accumulate rent arrears for justifiable reasons, according to the regional government.

Where possible, the Junta will look for alternatives so that tenants in difficulties are not made homeless, said Housing and Public Works chief, Elena Cortes.

At present the region’s 46,000 publicly-owned dwellings are occupied by approximately 250,000 people.  

The department intends to be exacting regarding government-owned social housing, Cortes declared.  

It is essential to ensure that the homes are put to the use they were built for and not allowed to lie empty. New regulations making the most of currently tenantless housing are imminent, she revealed.



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