Police investigate spate of fires


A FIRE destroyed an area of palm trees, avocado trees and bushes near the A-7 ringroad in Torre del Mar.

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The fire started at around 4pm between El Ingenio Shopping Centre, the Juan Azuaga Football Pitch and the Viña Malaga urbanization. 

Due to the strong winds on the day, flames were up to one metre high and firemen found it complicated to put it out. No-one was injured and no evacuation of the shopping centre of nearby homes had to be carried out. 

Police are investigating the cause of the fire, as they believe it could have been started intentionally, the local mayor, Francisco Delgado, announced. 

Local resident Roland Gillett reported that a lot of trees were burned or charred and that the flames came very close to a house which he says “fortunately was not damaged”. 

He also confirmed that there has been a spate of fires in the area in the past month and a half which are being investigated by police. 



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