Benidorm enforcement discrepancies


By Paul Deed

ALLEGATIONS are circulating of an anti-gay policy amongst the police in Benidorm.

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This comes following the raids that occurred last week in the old part of the town on two gay bars.

This week the rest of Benidorm carried on as if nothing had changed with bars throughout the Levante area of the town open (as always) until dawn, and with no police presence, bringing into question the hap hazard enforcement policies of the authorities.

The sound restrictors placed in some 500 establishments in the town are set to dampen noise at 4.30am, well past the official deadline, as reported last week in EWN.

These limiters are reportedly sealed by the police, are tamper proof, and are still set at 4.30am, begging the question as to why the police raided establishments where the limiters were set by police, and they raided and fined only two gay bars.


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