Teen electrocuted after climbing pylon


A TEENAGER was seriously injured after climbing an electricity pylon.

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The 17-year-old from Mutxamel received an electric discharge of 20,000 volts from the pylon in Sant Joan d’Alacant.

The electric shock nearly killed the Moroccan teen who was admitted to Alicante General Hospital with third degree burns on various parts of his body.

A third-degree burn destroys the outer layer of skin and the entire layer beneath.

The teen also suffered multiple wounds after falling nearly 12m after he was electrocuted.

The incident occurred shortly after the youth reportedly parted company with friends he had been walking with on the road by the cemetery around 10.30pm, according to a police report.

His friends then heard an explosion and then a thump, so quickly called 112.

Electricity company Iberdrola has certified that the installation is in a ‘perfect state’ and complies with the necessary security measures.

An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.


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