OAP arrested for alleged abuse of 4-year-old


A 70-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of a four-year-old boy in La Palmilla area of Malaga.

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The 70-year-old locked himself in his home for five hours when he was accused by his neighbours of supposedly sexually abusing the child.

At around 8.15pm, a woman living in a building close to the detainee’s home saw the Romanian minor being escorted by the elderly. Witnesses claim that they had seen him touching the boy inappropriately.

A few seconds later the area became filled with people berating the man for his behaviour. He avoided being lynched by his neighbours by seeking refuge in his home while the first police units arrived. He locked himself in while the police tried to convince him to leave the apartment. In the end, at 1.30am the police broke into the house and arrested the senior citizen. Hours earlier the minor had been transferred to the Malaga Children’s Hospital for medical examination. Witnesses say that the child told them the elderly man had touched his genitals and had given him sweets; however, they said would have never had expected him to do something like this.


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