Half of pharmacies without medicine


HALF the pharmacies in the Valencia Region have been left without basic medication.

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This is due to the €480million debt still owed to the pharmacies, meaning they can no longer afford to buy more medicine.

They are owed money for medicine they give out free to people who come in with prescriptions given by social security doctors.

The pharmacies then claim the money back from the regional government each month.

However, the money has not been paid back for the months of February, March, April and May.

If this ‘spiral’ of non-payment continues, “80 per cent of pharmacies will have problems with medicine stocks,” said president of the college of pharmacists, Maria Teresa Guardiola.

“They are now talking about putting a financial payment plan into action, but until I see something being done I do not believe a word they say nor their promises,” said Guardiola.

Pharmacies have already gone on two strikes in protest against the lack of payment of the debt.

Now with the summer months here and the influx of tourists to the area, the lack of available medication could cause serious problems.

In the meantime, some users have had to pay part of the cost for medicine and later claim it back from the government.


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