Five on trial for three violent burglaries


A GANG of five burglars go on trial today (Thursday) at the Provincial Court in Elche.

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They are accused of assaulting the owners at three Elche properties in March.

The prosecutor is asking for a 20-year prison sentence for violent burglary, holding a person against their will and causing injury.

All five of the accused are of Moroccan nationality, living in Spain illegally.

The first burglary took place on Friday March 25 in Daimes when they allegedly forced open the back door of a property and entered, all carrying a knife.

They tied the married couple inside to the bed and stole as many valuable items as they could find, including a van.

About an hour-and-a-half after they left, the woman managed to free herself from the bonds and call the police.

Four days later the same gang burgled a property in Maitino, according to the prosecutor.
The owner of the property had opened the door after hearing dogs barking and was attacked by the accused, hitting, kicking, beating him with bars, spraying his face and threatening to kill him until they gained access to the property.

They were distracted when his wife appeared and he managed to escape and lock himself in a room.

In this case, the gang ran off in case he had managed to alert the authorities.
That same day the gang allegedly targeted the third property, this time in Derramador.
The owner came out of the house after hearing a noise and was attacked by the men who hit her hard until they got inside the property where they also attacked her husband.

They tied them up and stole various items of value.


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