Mojacar’s foreigners “well-integrated”


EXTENDING the tourist season is one of the problems currently occupying Almeria Provincial Government and Mojacar town hall.

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This and other problems were tackled at a working meeting between Amos Garcia, head of the Provincial Government’s Employment and Economic Promotion department and Mojacar mayor, Rosa Maria Cano.


The Provincial Government offered to collaborate with the council in encouraging growth within the town. Together with creating employment this is a joint priority, they agreed.


In order to achieve objectives, it was necessary first of all to analyse the visitors who come to Mojacar as well as the town’s shops and businesses, they said.  This will ensure that the services on offer are sufficiently professional while boosting the town’s image and making Mojacar a reference point for the entire province.


Meanwhile, the Provincial Government will ask “every Administration” for sufficient funding for projects that can revitalise Mojacar’s old quarter economically, culturally and socially, Garcia pledged.


The Provincial Government is also prepared to assess the town hall in obtaining funds from Brussels for a bowling green. 


She is very much in favour of meeting specific requests from Mojacar’s many foreign residents, Cano stressed.  They are fully integrated in the town, she added, particularly the British.



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