Property owners fight back against burglars


THREE burglars in Palma de Mallorca were foiled when property owners fought back.

An 18-year-old German man was arrested after he was reportedly caught trying to burgle a property in s’Arenal belonging to an 80 and 81-year-old couple.

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The elderly man managed to keep hold of the burglar until other family members arrived to help and the police arrived.

In a separate case, a 40-year-old man was arrested after the owner of the property he was allegedly burgling managed to fend him off after he attacked him with a knife.

The man was asleep with his wife and newborn son when he heard a noise.

When he rose to find out what the noise was he came across the burglar in his kitchen. His wife called the National Police straight away. When officers arrived the two men were still wrestling.

Officers managed to subdue the burglar and arrested him. The 40-year-old man had reportedly accessed the house through a window on the third floor by climbing on scaffolding on the adjacent property.

The property owner received medical assistance to the cuts on his arms.

A third man was arrested while trying to burgle a house on Calle Alvaro de Bazan.
He too was surprised by the people living in the property who subdued him until police arrived.


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