2,300 marijuana plants seized in Balearics biggest drug bust


IN biggest seizure of marijuana in the Balearics to date, 2,300 plants were found on a farm in Algaida (Mallorca).

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Six people were arrested; the alleged kingpin and five youngsters aged 22 and 23.

The cost of renting the farm and providing electricity for the plants is estimated to be around €8,000 a month.

The electricity was not connected to the general network, rather it was provided for by a gas generator, in order to not draw attention to the farm.

At night, solar energy from panels was used, to avoid the noise the generators made disturbing neighbours, who might report them.

The plants were distributed across five rooms, each in a different stage of growth.

The farm was patrolled by various members of the group.

Investigations began three months ago after it was discovered that a drug group was distributing large quantities of marijuana on the island.


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