Substance abusers go organic


By Benny Davis

DENIA Council has decided that Day Centre patients suffering from substance abuse or addictive disorders could benefit from being exposed to ‘Mother Nature’ in a new occupational therapy programme.

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They will be introduced to the mysteries of farming and garden maintenance on the local Torrecremada estate that also specialises in organic orchards.

‘Creama’ students already involved in an organic farming programme through the council employment workshop will be on hand to help the new team alongside the Municipal Parks and Gardens regular staff.

Foundation Manager (SEPA) Juan Francisco, drew parallels between farm work and those suffering from addictive disorders when he said, “work related results are not immediate but medium to long term, a process similar to those Day Centre patients experience on a day-to-day basis with addiction treatment.”

He emphasised that the group activity will also promote integration and development of social skills. Denia Day Centre was opened in 2004 and works closely with Social Services and the Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behaviours (UPCCA) who recently reported an increase in the number of known addicts.

As a result they, they are working to develop a new expansion to healthcare services adolescents, incorporating a family care educational home programme designed for patients reluctant to accept any form of public treatment for their addiction.

Denia council subsidises the Day Centre on an annual basis. In addition to these initiatives, Perpa Sivera announced that a training programme for volunteers willing to help in the field of drug addiction is underway and suggested that anyone interested should contact UPCCA on 96 646 70 27 or 628 07 64 49. This year the council grant for the Day Centre project was €31,000.


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