College conundrum in San Pedro de Pinatar


By Rob Barnes

IT would seem that the board of directors at El Castelar College, that edifice of glass and stainless steel, that stands as a beacon of fine education, in San Pedro de Pinatar, should have attended courses of monetary husbandry, and business accountancy.

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The school has accumulated debts to suppliers, in just two years, of nine million euro, and is now in the process of being taken over by receivers.

Parents, called to a meeting at the college, have been told that the teaching staff will continue to be paid. From what “Pot” is not divulged!

Legal advisers of the creditors, ask that parents look very carefully at the account into which they are paying their fees, ensuring that the monthly payments, correspond with the one administrating the college.

It is hoped that the creditors can come to some kind of administrative agreement, to keep the school running, with the hope of recouping their debts.


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