Abandoned puppy found in Garrucha

LOST: Susan found this pup in Garrucha. She needs a good home.

On Friday June 9, Susan Leach of the EWN found an abandoned puppy in Garrucha’s main street.

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She is about three months old, well-behaved, clean and very sweet.

Please contact Susan on s.leach@euroweeklynews.com if you can help.


  1. its so sad, and its only a baby. we have found a puppy last year, that one was even smaller, 4 weeks old, we needed to feed her with a bottle of milk at first. luckely she was healthy…later on, when we trained her well enough, we found some good people who had 2 doggies more and they adopted her. If you got no time for her now, we can do it that way. She will be fine in the end, but its a terrible start of her life..


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