The very best of British


WHAT a wonderful week to be British. A week that kicked off with our ‘new look’ football team winning against the Belgians (the first time we’ve scored anything against Brussels for years!)

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This was followed by the magnificent ‘day at the races’ when the Queen attended glorious Epsom to watch her horse compete in the Derby; one of the world’s most prestigious race meetings.

We then had a team of our elite military units rescue a British hostage from the very depths of an enemy ‘stronghold.’

All rounded off by the incredible armada, that triumphantly traversed the Thames in a glorious celebration of all that earned Britain its thoroughly deserved prefix of Great.

Through it all of course came the dissenters. Those who would do away with our royal family and turn us into some grey unpatriotic republic.

And did they find themselves shot down!

The pathetic gathering, who threatened to disrupt proceedings with thousands of supporters, finally showed up with around sixty misfits, who hardly managed a peep of protest and were quickly swallowed up by the millions of jubilant jubilee supporters.

I was however somewhat surprised by the anti-royalist leanings of TV’s channel four.

Two interviews conducted by newscaster Krishnan Guru-Murthy were quite extraordinary.

One was with the, generaly mild mannered John Major who, when beset by questions which were themselves loaded with anti-royal bias, was finally prompted to remark that his interviewer was sounding ‘quite republican.’

When the same news man was later interviewing Lord Salisbury at the outdoor celebrations, he actually asked if his lordship thought that people had turned up because they were patriotic, or merely to watch the spectacle of the event.

The look of surprised distain on lord Salisbury’s face was quite a picture, as visibly biting his tongue he replied that his interviewer was sounding somewhat ‘churlish.’

Where do they get these people?

I actually saw four separate anti-royalists decrying the monarchy on various programs that day.

Three were of obviously ethnic decent and their sneering bitterness and pathetic underlying jealousy was plainly there for all to see.

If one thing has come through loud and clear during these Jubilee celebrations it is the strength and patriotism of the ordinary British people.

Take heed all of you who would change our heritage and culture.

Although the British can appear somewhat complacent and lax in their opinions and acceptance of multi culturism this is actually our strength.

It is because we have the backbone and confidence inspired by our history, we are able to accept changes and move forward.

But challenge our fundamental values, or try to ride over us rough shod and you do it at your peril – you wouldn’t like us when we get angry!

God Save the Queen.
Keep the faith.
Love Leapy


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