Sabotage at Malaga’s Hospital Clinico


SECURITY experts are scouring CCTV footage to discover who vandalised four operating theatres at Malaga’s Hospital Clinico.

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Vital cables attached to breathing equipment used by anaesthetists were found cut in theatres used for general surgery, urology, gynaecology and major day surgery.

The damage was discovered early in the morning as surgeons and anaesthetists carried out their daily inspections of apparatus.

Scissors or pliers were used to sabotage the equipment, said the technicians called in to the equipment.

Police were not immediately informed, explained hospital manager Tomas Urda.

The operating theatres would have been cordoned off by forensic specialists looking for finger prints and DNA traces, he said.

The operations would have had to be postponed, “and the remedy would have been worse than the malady,” Urda pointed out.

Instead, operations went ahead according to schedule with maximum delays of 20 minutes.

Access to the hospital’s operating theatres was restricted, the manager said.

Investigators believed that the sabotage was carried out the previous night or early in the morning by someone who knew how to enter the area and also leave it unobserved.

“We shall get to the bottom of this,” Tomas Urda vowed.

“There is no doubt about that at all.”


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