Underwater Festival in Moraira


MORE than 100 divers and underwater enthusiasts descended on Moraira beach to discover the mysteries of the seabed.

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The Festival of Diving, organised by the city of Telulada in collaboration with Scuba Moraira and The Gallery, offered the opportunity for people of all ages to learn the basics of scuba diving and take part in one of the many sea baptisms held in suitably safe waters just off the beach.

They also catered for the fun holiday divers with special snorkelling trips to nearby rocky coves, all properly supervised as the divers code is always safety first.

For the more advanced students, evening and daytime dives to Cova de les Rates, Punta de Moraira and Pessabre were available with hire equipment at affordable prices.

The dive schools also offered dive courses at 10% discount to new customers and set up shops on the beach to display all their aquatic wares from Tee-shirts to snorkels and fins to full dive suits.

Non-divers were well catered for with beach party’s that included mood music to accompany a well stocked bar and picnic facilities.

Both organisation expressed their complete satisfaction with the results and admitted they were amazed by the number of people who eventually signed up to explore the mysteries sea.

By Benny Davis


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