Denia castle not looking good


DENIA Castle was not built in a day. The oldest walls date from the 11th century. Since then, every era has left its mark, from the earliest Almohad towers, and bastions.

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But more recent works, which were intended to increase the attraction of the castle, are, at present, according to Denia’s opposition groups “ a fiasco”.

In March 2010, works were completed on the Information Centre of the castle.

Following this, local government (PP and independent) comitted €192,618 in the first of a Plan E loan, (plan E was a central government scheme to allow local authorities to obtain loans to carry out improvement projects to their municipalities) to continue with restoration works on the ancient structure.

Over two years later, that area, next to the Torre de les Puses, remains closed and unused.

Opposition PSPV Councilman Oscar Mengual Denia last week criticized the current local government of the PP for what he termed the “total abandonment of the castle.”

He said that in total, works have cost €340,000.

Moreover, the central plaza, which is the highest part of the castle, is fenced off. This fenced off stalled works are for a coffee bar.

The works, apparently costing €282,000 have stalled for a year.

The oppostition state that visitors encounter a building half done, fences, bags and even a cement material.

The socialist mayor has also complained that throughout the castle grounds there are no toilets in good condition.

Next to the Palau del Governador, there are two portable chemical toilets.

They are uncomfortable and ruin the site. Denia’s main tourist attraction is seemingly in need of serious attention.

By Paul Deed


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