Brits running out of patience


AS my profession allows me to mix with UK citizens on a regular basis, I not only receive a surprising amount of feedback from those who peruse online, but also manage to keep my finger more or less on the pulse of public opinion back there in the auld country.

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In all the years I have been scribbling this sheet, I have yet to meet one British person who is happy with the UK’s governmental policies and affairs of immigration.

Some Brits are simply unhappy, others sad.

Many have just about given it all up as a losing battle and some are extremely angry indeed.

But every one of them without exception is peed off with the general immigrant’s failure or even ambition to integrate into the British culture and way of life.

To many of these understandably disgruntled locals, it is akin to inviting people into your home, only to have them subsequently take it over, room by room.

Many of these alien cultures are already difficult enough to understand.

If these people adamantly refuse to compromise or, in many cases, even learn basic English, who can blame the Brits for running out of patience?

A number of recent cases have glaringly demonstrated the enormous gulfs between the cultures of East and West and the reluctance and even blatant refusal of some immigrants to even consider any integration with its generous hosts.

The Pakistani gangs, who targeted young white girls to be used as sex slaves, are one case in point.

Believe me girls, in these people’s eyes, any of you who wear a skirt, don a bikini or indeed show an arm (I’ve seen many a bare arm caned by the ‘religious’ police in the Souks of Saudi Arabia) are, in their religious beliefs, considered a slut and fair game for their devious lust and whatever else they deem to dream up.

Another was the tragic, still unfolding story of the young girl, allegedly murdered by her parents in a so called ‘honour killing,’ simply because she actually was attempting to integrate with the local populace and customs.

The gulfs between East and Western religious beliefs and priorities are cavernous and if the government doesn’t get a grip of it all sooner rather than later, then I fear the predictions of Enoch Powel will prove a frightening modern day reality.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy


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