All in this together?


SPAIN’S State Prosecutor’s Office has nodded through an outrageous claims demand made by Carlos Divar, President of the General Council of the Judiciary.

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Having spent 20 four-day weekends in luxury hotels in swanky Puerto Banus at the expense of the taxpayers he bills his office for €13,000 for expenses.

The claim is uncontested.

This means that alleged official business and soirées undertaken on official duties will not be investigated.

It is accepted that he used the money rather than trousered it.

I presume, therefore, that if I raid a bank and use it to give myself a well-earned break in the Seychelles my expenses will be rubber stamped too.

Wisdom of Solomon

SOMEHOW there seems to be something of the Wisdom of Solomon to it.

A judge in Palma de Mallorca has ordered a doctor to pay the equivalent of a child’s abortion after he failed to successfully terminate his patient’s pregnancy.

The sum of €270,000 has been imposed plus €150,000 for moral damages.

This will take care of the unwanted child until he or she is 25 years old.

Emperor’s New Clothes

Hans Christian Andersen must have been a prophet when he penned the Emperor’s New Clothes.

The tailors chosen for the Spanish Olympic team’s uniform are engaged by the Russian outfit BoscoSport.

Their having produced the kit free of charge is said to have saved Spain’s Olympians €1.5 million.

They’re having a laugh! How much for designing an outfit that has attracted widespread derision?

They also claim they are sponsoring the Spanish team to the tune of €250,000.

I hate to nit-pick but sponsorship is just another name for paid advertising; it is hardly a donation.

Little wonder designers BoscoSport reported profits of €600 million last year. No surprise that Spain is broke.



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