Tomas Leighton Care Charity


EWN Campaign

EWN’S target is to raise €2,000 – €3,000 for home adaptation.

Although Tomas has made great progress, he still needs constant care and there are many things he can’t do for himself, including getting dressed, getting up and down stairs and going to the toilet.


He isn’t getting any smaller or lighter, and carrying him up the stairs to bed every night is quite a job, even for his father, Jon.

The family is adapting their home so that Tomas will have his own area, close to them at all times, on the ground floor near the toilet.

To do so, they have already built an extension, but now need to take the kitchen out into this area so that the current kitchen area will be an extension of the sitting room and a large bed can be put in it.

Although a stair-lift is also a possibility, this is a lot more expensive, and depending on how Tomas progresses in the next few years, it may or may not be necessary.

Therefore, the family decided on the home adaptation which is less expensive and means that if a stair-lift is not ultimately necessary, the money can be spent on other things.

Please contact Jenni at [email protected] or on telephone (+34) 603 697 992 if you can help us to help Tomas.

EWN Hitting the Elviria area to raise money for Tomas Leighton

THE Euro Weekly News team will be hitting the streets next Thursday (May 24) to raise much-needed funds for a local boy.

Seven-year-old Tomas has cerebral palsy, is almost totally blind and has epilepsy as well as global learning difficulties.

Watch out for the EWN team in Elviria on Thursday, when we will be asking readers to reach into their pockets and give something towards the €2,500 we want to raise to make Tomas’s life a little bit easier by adapting his family’s Benalmadena home to his needs.

As he grows, it is getting harder for his family to move him around the house and changes need to be made, just a smaller donation from you, our readers, could help with this.

But we’re not just asking you to give!

Approach any member of the EWN team that you see and you will also receive a free gift. So get out there and find us, get an EWN gift and help us to help this very special little boy.



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