Visit the Alcazaba by bicycle


A BICYCLE lane up to La Alcazaba is included in council plans for Almeria city.

The route will be decided when the present phase of the Almeria Urban programme is completed.

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The entire project has been approved by the EU, which provides a large slice of the necessary funds. Streets are to be widened, many becoming pedestrians-only precincts.

Cultural routes featuring famous figures from Almeria’s past will bring the city’s history closer to visitors. Making Calle Fernandez more traffic-friendly and showcasing the Meson Gitano was one of the plan’s principal objectives, said councillor Manuel Guzman.

Once Calle Fernandez is completed a decision can be made on the bicycle lane, he explained. It was important that it did not come to a dead end at La Alcazaba and a return route would need to be worked out.

Almeria Urban plans to invest €1 million in the rehabilitation project, with €200,000 set aside for the bicycle lane and €300,000 for pavements, road surfacing, street furniture and fixtures.

A further €480,000 has been allocated to the pedestrian areas. “Estimates are just that, though: predictions for the coming year,” Guzman conceded.


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