‘Vicious dog’ owner fined by Almeria provincial court


THE owner of a Presa Canario which bit a child in Villa Ines (Huercal de Almeria) must pay almost €11,000 compensation.

The Almeria provincial court confirmed an earlier verdict that found the dog’s owner guilty of negligence resulting in minor assault.

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The court imposed a €250 fine, €10,720 in compensation and costs.

The mishap occurred in May 2009 when the owner visited a neighbour and coincided with the child, then aged seven, and his father.

While the owner was upstairs the dog, off the lead and without a muzzle, remained with father and son.

The attack came as the boy stroked the dog and was bitten on the lip after being thrown to the ground.

In addition to the physical harm suffered the boy now has a phobia about dogs, the court heard.

The court dismissed a request from the owner of the dog – classed as a dangerous breed – to reduce the fine.

As the person in charge of the animal he, and not the boy’s father, was responsible for controlling it, the judge said.


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