Al Andalus train to travel Andalucia again


THE luxury Al Andalus train will begin to travel Andalucia again next month, after being at a standstill since 2004.

It was recently presented to the press at the Santa Justa station in Sevilla.

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The train, which was first inaugurated in 1985, has been refurbished, and is considered to be the most spacious in the world.

It has four salon wagons, two restaurant wagons, a bar wagon, a tea-room wagon and seven suite wagons, of which five were made in France in the twenties and were used by the British Royal Families for travelling on holiday.

It also has a library, television and internet.

The 400-metre long train travels to Cordoba, Baeza, Ubeda, Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez, Doñana and Sevilla over seven days with extra trips by bus to areas which can’t be reached on the train.

A standard room costs €2,500 per person for the seven days the journey lasts.


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