Torrevieja hole in wall burglary gang busted


FOUR members of a gang reportedly dedicated to burgling establishments in the Torrevieja area by making a hole in the wall have been arrested.

They were allegedly caught while trying to break into a perfume shop in Santa Pola.

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The suspects would survey the premises before hand to discover the best places to make the holes. In the case of the perfume shop, they allegedly changed the padlock to an empty building next door a few days before and it was from here they made the hole.

A man and a woman were seen entering the empty building, followed by two others.

The ‘couple’ then stood outside and where seeing being affectionate. It is believed they were keeping an eye out for the two inside making the hole.

However, only the man and woman were arrested, the other two inside managed to escape.

Various tools found inside were seized.

The other two suspects were arrested shortly after.

They were waiting for a bus to Torrevieja. Other than the woman, who is Bulgarian, the detainees were Romanian.


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