Son kept pension of dead mother in Aldaia


A MAN kept the body of his dead mother in their flat for two months so he could keep receiving her pension.

The man, 20, and his mother, 60, both beggars, were living in a rented apartment in Aldaia (Valencia).

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When they were unable to pay the rent, they went to the town hall to get help and were given an appointment for February.

However, they failed to attend because the woman had died.

Her son, who is unemployed and receives no help from Social Services, didn’t inform anyone that his mother had died so he would continue to receive the €600 pension she received every month.

They were about to be evicted from the apartment for failing to pay the rent for more than a year.

Firemen found the body on a bed after a neighbour called the police reporting that there was a bad smell was coming from their home and a lot of flies in the stairwell.

The neighbours claimed the imagined the woman’s dog had died.

When no-one opened the door, the firemen entered through a window and found the body on a bed.

The man went to the police to give a statement and was later released without charges.


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