Nerja residents complain as car park changes rules


RESIDENTS in Nerja have complained that season tickets will no longer be available for the town’s largest car park.

The company which runs the car park in the Huertos de Carabeo area have decided to stop issuing the season tickets which cost €20 per month for people living in the area, and €30 for anyone else.

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Until October 31, they will only renew season passes for residents who are paying for the whole year, anyone else will have to pay €100 per month, or €1.8 per hour.

Many locals decided not to buy the season tickets during the winter because they could find parking spaces in the street, but when Easter came and the town got busier, they were told they were unable to get new passes.

For 10 years they were able to park in the outdoor wasteland, which has space for around 1,000 vehicles, for free.

However, from June last year they were made to pay.

Some 400 houses are planned on the site and as the town hall has failed to carry out a new General Plan for Urban Development and the owners of the plot were losing money, they demanded that the town hall allow them to charge in order to continue letting people park there.

Before the elections, the mayor promised locals would only pay €7 per month, but that price was abolished in October last year.

By Jennifer Leighfield


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