Time we took blinkers off when thinking of Morocco


IT is an oddity of modern life that whilst internet access offers unprecedented access to the world’s communities we remain more ignorant than earlier generations.

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Perception of Iran is invariably that of a backward country like Afghanistan.

In fact its great modern cities with the parks, gardens; infrastructure would put many European and American metropolis to shame.

Now Rosa Cañadas, born of Spanish parents, who as a child moved to Tangier, suggests we take our blinkers off when considering Morocco.

Although living in Barcelona she commutes regularly as her father and brother live in Tangier.

She says, ‘I don’t know why people thought we lived in prehistoric times.

And back then, Tangier was a modern city, especially compared with some Andalucía villages.’

I personally think the nations bordering the Mediterranean would have a far better future if they turned their commercial attention to North Africa.

Sorry, the Chinese got there first.

A bull in a china shop

AS a rule I don’t vote as it only encourages them.

I am assured by friends who do vote that they never placed their cross by U.S. President Barack Obama, senators or congressmen.

So who are they to call the Spanish to account for trading with Cuba, designated by the U.S. as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’?

Their latest impudence is to warn Telefónica president César Alierta about its affiliates in Cuba, including Telefónica Data Cuba. American foreign policy is deeply flawed and universally unpopular. Are we surprised?

It is way beyond time that the bull in the china shop (no pun intended) turned its attention to its own affairs. It is one of the few nations on earth that is self-sufficient.

Please Obama, make the U.S. isolationist again.


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