Spanish gynaecologists for ‘morning after’ pill


SPANISH gynaecologists support the use of the ‘Morning After’ pill.

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This was revealed in a letter by the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics sent to the Ministry of Health to make their position on the use of the ‘morning after’ pill as an emergency measure clear, and to advise that it be made easy accessible to women to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

However, they also stressed the importance of proper education regarding birth control measures and that the ‘morning after’ pill shouldn’t be used as a regular contraceptive.

The ‘morning after’ pill has been available over the counter without a prescription since November 2009.

The President of the Society, Jose Maria Lailla said that said that there is no evidence that the repeated use of this type of pill, even over short periods, has any side effects.


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