Malaga Portside attraction: super-yacht, Tattoosh


A PRIVATE yacht moored at Malaga Port belonging to a Microsoft billionaire co-founder Paul Allen has become an attraction to locals and tourists alike.

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Moored by the newly refurbished Quay 2, which leads to the Muelle Uno leisure marina, people can be seen having the photograph taken in front of the 92-metre (303 feet) Tatoosh, which is undergoing improvement works at the port.

It is perhaps hardly surprising given the sheer size of the yacht where one can see it has a 40 foot sailboat attached to one side, a helicopter on one of the five decks – it is equipped for two choppers – and what seems like a full size motor boat on the other side of it.

The Tatoosh is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, ranked 48th in the 2012 Forbes Billionaires list, he is currently worth an estimated $14.2 billion (€10.8bn).

Allen, 59, reportedly bought the Cayman Islands-registered yacht for $100 million (€76m) from US telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw in 2001.


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