Cheers: The hidden voices of alcoholism by Renate van Nijen


RENATE VAN NIJEN reveals the human condition behind alcoholism in her latest book, ‘Cheers’.

The Dutch born author and artist has firsthand experience of living with an alcohol-addicted partner, and all the complexity this involves.


The secrecy surrounding alcoholism in society as a whole and the non-acceptance and judgemental attitudes of family, friends and outsiders that she experienced have driven her to write ‘Cheers’, a compelling book which shows the human face behind alcoholism.

She has interviewed not only partners, children, parents and friends of alcoholics, but also health workers in the field of addiction, and alcoholics themselves.

In this remarkably candid book she recounts their stories beautifully, openly, yet anonymously, revealing her own and their incredible stories of desperation and pain, but ultimately also of hope and escape.

This book will help to raise awareness of the growing problem of alcohol abuse and help those affected by alcoholism to find a way to cope with or, indeed, to discover a way out of this widespread yet frequently misunderstood disease.

Compassionately written, ‘Cheers’ also offers information about some of the many avenues of help currently available to those affected both directly and indirectly by alcoholism.

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