Former Ronda mayor allegedly spent €47,000 on wine


THE Mayor of Ronda, Maria Paz Fernandez, reported that the former mayor, Antonio Martin Lara, spent €80,000 on wine and parties.

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At a recent plenary meeting, she produced a cardboard box containing unpaid bills collected by her predecessor in 2011.

She claimed that he had run up bills of up to €30,000 on hotel rooms, €47,000 on wine, and €6,000 on two parties held on the same day, using money from the municipal coffers.

Martin Lara followed the instructions of his lawyer and did not respond to the accusations.

He is currently charged with corruption, coercion, embezzlement, money laundering and influence peddling in the Acinipo corruption case from which secrecy is due to be lifted in the coming weeks.


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