Skateboard lessons in Teulada


TEULADA Council’s Youth Department in conjunction with a group of young skate-boarders (known as Ateneo XTM,) presented a specialist skateboarding workshop to students of the local IES Secondary School.

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More than 100 keen enthusiasts took advantage of this extra curriculum that was slotted in within the normal sports and physical education period, to learn the theory behind the sport, including the basics of balance, coordination and strength.

Later, the theory was put into practice in the school playground, where students, closely supervised by the teachers and experienced skateboarders, tested their skills over a set course, specially set up for the occasion.

Teulada councillor for youth Antonio Reig, said he was delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the students and that under the right management, he would ensure that skateboarding would become a standard part of the town’s sports programme.

As a result, it was later announced that anyone wishing to become involved with the sport should contact the Youth Information Centre of Teulada.

By Benny Davis


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