Feeding kittens


Hello Connie,
Approximately six months ago, one of the strays that I feed had kittens, after a time she stopped feeding them, and another that had never had kittens started feeding them.

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She then became pregnant and left them. We had her neutered and when she came back from the vets, she has started feeding them again.

The kittens must be at least six months old. If I see her I stop her, and she hisses at me.

What can I do and is this normal behaviour?

Many thanks, Sue.

Hi Sue,

You don’t say when the mother cat was neutered, but if this happened while she was still pregnant it may take a bit of time before her hormones settle down.

It is possible that she is feeding the kittens because of this.

Does she have milk for them? If she does, then I think it might be a good idea to ask your vet what is going on.

Best, Connie

Hi Connie,

Can you write about the new leishmaniosis vaccine?

There doesn’t seem to be any publicity about it, and dogs owners need to know before summer that they can protect their dogs from this terrible disease.

I am presently giving two of my dogs the vaccine.

Regards, Hillary

Hello Hillary,
I do not write on any medical subjects but  you can contact 
Nazli the vet at the Pointer Clinic on nazli.kreft@pointervet.com for expert advice. 

Regards, Connie


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