Benaojan Council accused of illegal TV hook-up


THE company which provides electric to Benaojan (Malaga), Electrica de la Serrania, has made a formal complaint against the town hall claiming they have illegally connected the local TV mast.

 Benaojan owes €200,000 to the company in unpaid bills and the mayor, Francisco Gomez, is reportedly refusing to reach an agreement to set up a payment plan.

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The company cut off the electrical supply to municipal buildings recently, but what affected residents more was the lack of a TV signal.

However, it was reconnected last Friday after the mayor announced plans to install electrical generators as a provisional measure.

However, Electrica de la Serrania complained to the Guardia Civil that they could no longer access the mast because the lock to the facilities had been change, and were unable to determine what they suspected could be an illegal connection to the electric supply.

Meanwhile, the mayor said that “if they couldn’t get in, they should have just asked for the keys.”



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