Officers injured while chasing thieves in Velez-Malaga


TWO Romanian men, aged 29 and 27, were arrested in Velez-Malaga after they were caught attempting to steal in a perfume shop in Camino de Malaga.

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The events took place in the early hours of the morning when the officers were received a call alerting them of a robbery while they were patrolling the area.

When they arrived on the scene, they found the two men attempting to break the lock on the meter room door of the apartment block next to the perfume shop with a heavy cylinder of steel.

When they saw the police they attempted to escape and were chased by the officers who eventually managed to catch one of them. One of the officers sustained back injuries while grappling with one of the men.

The other man jumped over a five-metre fence and was finally intercepted by back-up officers, one of whom was injured when the detainee punched him in the face.

Another officer had to be taken to the Axarquia Regional Hospital to be treated for injuries he sustained when he fell during the chase.


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