More points for Almeria’s good drivers


ALMOST 290,000 drivers in Almeria will receive another point on their driving license for having committed no offences since the system came into effect in 2006, Diario de Almeria reports.

According to the Head of the Traffic Department in Almeria, the point will be added automatically, the same as was done two years ago when they received two more points for the same reason.

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In Spain drivers start out with 12 points on their licence, and loose points depending on the severity of the offences they commit.
However, those who do not commit any offences are rewarded and can now have up to 15 points.

One of the aims of the points system is to get dangerous drivers off the roads, and since 2006, 2,492 people in Almeria have lost all their points, and been banned from driving for six months, after which they will have to go back to driving school and take another exam


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