Who’s afraid of the big bad wolves?


STANDARD & POOR’S, Fitch, Moody’s… their names will be found engraved on the hearts of early 21st century politicians as well as the people who voted for them.

Last week, Moody’s issued credit warnings on nine European countries including the UK and, of course, poor beleaguered Spain.


The ratings agencies increasingly resemble the boy who cried wolf, but in reverse: the wolf exists but decides it doesn’t want lamb for dinner and the world continues – uneaten – on its unsteady way.

Unwanted assistance

“THIS is a political revolution, it has nothing to do with religion,” said a Syrian although, to the irritation of the opposition, Libyan, Iraqi, Saudi and Lebanese mujahidin are arriving unasked to fight alongside them.

Bashar Al-Assad, who claims his regime protects Syria from the jihadists, will now have an excuse to justify tyranny – and the revolution will soon have everything to do with religion.

Toppling the tipple

DAVID CAMERON wants minimum prices set for alcohol, whose abuse costs Britain’s health service £2.7 billion each.

But is price important?

Getting drunk in Mediterranean countries has always been cheap and it would be naive to claim they have no alcoholics.

But in the Mediterranean alcohol customarily precedes, accompanies or follows food. It is a complement, not a drunken means to an inebriated end.


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