Precautions to ensure safety of Sierra de las Nieves visitors


THE Environmental Department will control and restrict access to the higher areas of the Sierra de las Nieves due to the snow.

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Access will depend on the conditions of the road to the Quejigales recreational area, but the plan is to man barriers to areas which can be reached by car, meaning that to actually get to the snow, visitors may have to walk part of the way.

This should be taken into account especially by families travelling with children, who must also be aware that their presence in the area will be registered so there is no risk of them getting lost on the mountain without anyone knowing.

Visitors are recommended to wear adequate clothing and shoes and avoid situations which could put them at risk.

The access via Tolox is currently closed as the road is dangerous for anyone not used to driving in the snow or who hasn’t properly prepared their vehicle to do so.

Photo credit: Por los caminos de Málaga


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