Toddler accidentally takes cocaine


A TODDLER was admitted to hospital in Alicante last week suffering what was believed to be the effects of ingesting traces of cocaine.

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The baby was not seriously harmed and the taking of the drug was thought to be accidental. The father had been using cocaine, and had left a residue on a table.

The child had access to the table top and it is believed it swept up the remnants with its fingers and then licked them. The father only became aware of what happened when he saw his child behaving strangely.

He immediately took his child to hospital in Alicante, where it was found that the quantity consumed did not pose a significant health risk to the child. The father, aged 40, was arrested last Friday and charged with drugs and endangerment offences, before being released on bail awaiting trial.

A court ordered the child be taken into care with a view to it being taken care of by social services until a more permanent solution could be found.

By Paul Deed


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