A call to knives, forks and glasses!


A FRIEND has phoned. He is upset. His recent visitors have passed the previous two weeks luxuriating along the Costa del Sol and they reported to him it was “leaping with tourism”.

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Yet, here in Mojacar, in a much better climate, it is quiet– beyond tranquil. His guests want to move on.

Unfortunately, Costa Almeria is not a house hold name yet. Marbella still has the glittering image. A place for Sheiks, Mafiosos and reputedly full of international criminals sought by Interpol.

Worse yet, for those that seek just glitter and glamour it is the place to be. Mojacar must learn to be content with retired football stars, family people and intelligent tourism that want to spend 95 per cent of the year in the sun away from the teeming masses.

We are sincerely blessed in every way, every day, yet, haven’t become that household name. But, we are better off for it. Because when we do—we will have evolved into something different than what we are now.

Streets jammed with endless lines of cars, noisy people everywhere and plenty of barking dogs. Those situations now are under control but wouldn’t be with a huge influx of holiday guests. Especially those that crave discos, bars blaring all night and the blur of the neon “scene” stealing the night sky.

As I write this the mayor of Mojacar and her group are in Madrid on a promotional tour. The biggest of the year in Europe — Fitur.

The town hall will gift a few tickets graciously every year. In past years I have gone up and it is impressive. Tour operators from the entire world are there promoting their venues.

Mojacar always has a good stand, well manned and leading the way for promotion in our area. For the representatives of our town it is not a glamour outing but very long days and well into the evenings; answering endless questions and mostly the same ones. None of our workers are paid other than housing and food.

Surely while they are out and away from the comforts of home you too can make your “tourist effort” and get into some of our restaurants and bars and help them keep survive.

Nothing displeases me more than to drive home and see the entire staffs of unique and special restaurants sitting around tables with their heads propped up on their arms —endlessly waiting. Let’s at least give them some company and gratefulness for the fact that are remaining open — for us. Naturally, the logical thing would be shut down and remain closed until better times. But that helps neither of us.

Come on — make the effort and lift your glasses to those many proprietors that continue to face the economic crisis head on. We all owe them a debt of gratitude and perseverance.

If they can see this through, when passers by arrive they can see that there are plenty of establishments well worth stopping at and they too will partake and share the goodness.

Let’s clang those knives and forks together and raise our glasses. We will not hide behind the home walls. Get out there and have some fun


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