Unique chance to visit Gandia Fallas Museum


FROM Friday February 24 until Friday March 9, there will be a free exhibition of this year’s selected puppets at the Fallas Museum in Gandia.

This museum is unique in the world for being the first interactive museum and multimedia the Valencia festival for excellence: ‘The Fallas’.


The Fallas festival in Gandia is celebrated on March 19, but with this museum it is possible for visitors to get to know about the party at other times.

It has been nearly four years since it opened in 2008 and since then this interpretive centre has become a landmark for those who want to learn more about this traditional party in general and its relationship with the city of Gandia in particular.

The Fallas Museum of Gandia is a 4,500 square meter multipurpose building and boasts a large theatre with seating capacity for 572, as well as several meetings rooms, offices a terrace cafe, the museum and parking.

“It was built not only to offer information to the public, but also to serve the demands of companies and institutions and provide technical resources,” said museum manager Pere Cremades.

“The Interpretation Centre is a modern Fallas museum showing visitors the traditions and customs related to the Valencian festival par excellence.

Its history, types of clothing, which are hand-made, add-ons for the grooming of Fallas, its relationship to culture and society, the pyrotechnics, the monuments and the creation process.

It also explains the ‘Casal Faller’ social and local Fallas of the different associations, and finally the music and ‘llibret’ as a sign of satirical literary creativity of them.” This is all explained in an interactive way through multimedia.

“All the texts are written in Spanish, Valencian and English,” said Cremades. “We have visitors of various nationalities and ages including groups of university and school students, tourists, families, pensioner and social groups.”

In addition to the museum, visitors can enjoy other activities. “School groups can complete their visit with craft workshops,” said Cremades.

“There are also frequent exhibitions and once a year we celebrate Favila, the fair of the Fallas festival. We are also creating a workshop for adults.”

For more information on the museum see www.museufaller.org and on the Fallas festival www.fallesdegandia.org


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