Pig Farming declining in Mallorca

IN CRISIS: Mallorcan Black Pigs.

IN 2011, Mallorca’s Black Pig population fell by 20 per cent.

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The Association of Mallorcan Pork Producers (Porci-PIMEM) warned Agricultural Minister Gabriel Company, the grave situation the local pig farming sector is facing.

The association has predicted that more farms will be forced to close this year as government subsidies are due to finish this year, affecting 9 in 10 pig farms on the island.

“Farmers are getting older and younger people are not interested in farming,” he said. “One needs capital to invest, which in today’s world is not viable.”

In 1997, the Mallorcan Black Pig was recognized as a species in need of protection.

The pork from these animals is of a higher fat content resulting in richly flavoured meat and is also used in the traditional Mallorcan Sobrassada.

However, since the Mallorcan Black Pig tends to be smaller than average, the lower yields mean that farmers have to charge a premium price for the product.


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