No more casetas at Malaga fair


MALAGA City Hall has announced that ‘casetas’ will be banned at the August fair in the city centre to prevent drinking in the streets.

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The Councillor for Culture, Damian Caneda, said that in the past years, several groups and associations have complained about alcohol being sold at the fair by unauthorized establishments and people drinking and causing noise and creating a mess in the streets.

The city hall wants to recover “the true spirit of Malaga city fair” which was a way to promote the city.

The only ‘casetas’ which will remain in place will be the Peña Juan Breva in Plaza de la Constitucion, and to avoid empty areas where people can gather to drink, there will be cultural activities. Another ‘caseta’ for youths will be created in Plaza de la Marina.

Other measures will include reducing the number of stalls selling goods, arranging horse and cart rides at the fairground and controlling the clothing of the horsemen.



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