AnimaNaturalis accuse circus of ‘smoke screen’

BEHIND BARS: AnimaNaturalis claim they saw a caged tiger (not pictured).

ANIMANATURALIS has accused Circo Williams of hiding the fact they use wild animals in their shows.

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Around 30 animal activists from AnimaNaturalis gathered in front of the doors of Circo Williams currently installed in Campos on Saturday.

They were protesting against the use of animals in the circus’s shows. During the protest one of the workers invited the association’s spokesman, Guillermo Amengual, to enter the circus to show that they do not use animals.

When the owner arrived, he kicked him out, according to Amengual. Circus representatives say they only have some cats and two raccoon’s, however some of the activists are sure that they saw a tiger being moved to a cage.

“We cannot allow this kind of deception,” said Amengual.

“These animals were born to be free, not kept in cramped lonely cages and trained using unpleasant techniques.”

The man responsible for the circus, Eduardo Raluy, had agreed to ‘stop exploiting’ animals in his circus in various meetings with AnimaNaturalis, the association says.

“We now realize that this was nothing more than a smoke screen,” said Amengual.

AnimaNaturalis was founded in 2003 and is an international organization dedicated to fighting for animal rights. 


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