Junta’s decree approved to regularise illegal properties in Andalucia


A DECREE approved on Tuesday by the Junta de Andalucia intended to legalize thousands of homes built on rural land in Axarquia and across Andalucia has been described as “disappointing” by property rights groups.

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It has also been dubbed a political ploy by the Junta to secure votes in the forthcoming regional elections in Andalucia. In Axarquia, the Junta has identified 12,760 ‘irregular’ properties in 22 municipalities of which an estimated 11,000 could “benefit” from the decree, Spanish daily El Mundo reported.

In effect this means these properties can be taken out of the legal limbo many are currently in by being ‘regularised’, not to be confused with being declared fully legal.

Read the full story in tomorrow’s Axarquia edition of EWN or online on the virtual paper.


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